IDDSI stands for International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative. The deadline for its implementation was 01 April 2019 in the UK but it's never too late to train your staff about dysphagia and the new standards.

Little Orchard Therapies work with a specialist dietician, and a dysphagia-specialist chef to provide colleagues in health and care services with the skills to implement IDDSI for individuals with dysphagia.

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IDDSI Training UK is not affiliated to the IDDSI board.

Dysphagia Awareness Training

Training provided by a dysphagia-specialist speech therapist for staff who require a broad overview of what dysphagia is and how to support people with dysphagia from time to time.

Practical dysphagia training

Dysphagia-specialist speech therapist training for staff who require practical advice and resources to support people with dysphagia on an ongoing basis.


Providing training and support to speech and language therapists outside of the NHS to develop their tracheostomy competencies in a timely and safe manner.

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Dysphagia training is provided at your workplace and to suit your shift patterns. That way, as many members of staff as possible can be trained in one day.

We provide training anywhere in the UK.

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dysphagia audit also available

Every organisation can benefit from a dysphagia audit to ensure safe and effective practice.